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Building on a very successful history spanning almost 30 years in the areas of education, cutting-edge initiatives and projects on emerging critical issues (see summary under achievements), we are currently focusing on:

The BMEP Biomedical Sciences Exchange Program (Multidisciplinary Education & Training) - This program was designed to foster the education and training of the present generation of biomedical students. Since its initiation, the program has expanded vigorously in several areas of biomedical science to include molecular biology, medical information science, sociology, health sciences, chemistry and physics. It also includes all levels within the biomedical community, i.e. students, postgraduates and faculty as well as auxiliary professionals in academia and industry.

The BMNE Biomedical Network in Europe (Research & Studies) - In 1993 the BMNE was launched in cooperation with universities and R&D institutions in order to promote and foster Life Sciences in Europe. BMNE supports transnational cooperation between scientists and users of technology in biomedical sciences and health care delivery. These initiatives include research projects and studies in the areas of Risk Assessment, Molecular Epidemiology, in vitro Pharmacotoxicology, Early Diagnosis and Biomonitoring, Medical Imaging, Organ Protection and, recently, the Public Welfare System (see Achievements).

Conferences / Networking / Workshops
The involvement of faculty and the support of experts from academic administrations and industry have facilitated symposia on topics such as "University-Corporate Relationships in the Biomedical Sciences for the '80's and '90's", "The Role of Bioethical Issues in Academia, Industry and Public Opinion", "University - Industrial Relationships in the '90's: Reflections on Opportunities and Barriers in Biomedical Research" and "International Management and Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences" (see Achievements and our wiki).

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